The Best Grind for Brewing Coffee

Buying whole bean coffee allows you to maximize the flavor of your coffee beans and also allows you to customize your grind for your brewing method. But what is the best grind for your brewing method?

The best grind is really a matter of taste but in some areas there is just practicality. For example, using a french press you’ll want a large enough grind to not escape through the mesh which will result in a sandy cup of coffee. With drip coffee or pour over the grind will depend on your taste and trial and error.

For a starting point to grinds use the suggestions below:

PercolatorCoarse Grind
French PressCoarse Grind
Auto Drip Medium/Fine
Pour OverMedium/Fine/Extra Fine
Keurig CupFine
Cold BrewCoarse
TurkishExtra Fine
Grind Selection