Single Origin Roast Level

With Single Origin coffee, roasting levels will always be in the light to light medium range. Anything beyond that defeats the purpose of the single origin which is to bring out the fruitiness of the seed (coffee bean) of the coffee fruit.

Regardless whether you’re drinking Columbia or Kenya once you go past a medium roast you begin to taste the char.

This dark roasted coffee will have different taste but mostly you’re tasting the burnt bean and it doesn’t matter which country it came from.

A lot of people have become used to this burnt bean taste and prefer it and anything less would be considered “weak.”

Weak only refers to the brewing which once again, trends or historically most people use a bit more water to brew the burnt coffee to reduce the amount of char in the cup of coffee.

This is why most black coffee drinkers think Starbucks coffee is too strong. It’s the same coffee they’ve been drinking their whole life, just less water is used.

With Single Origin coffee I try to roast in the City to City+ range and stop the roast just before too much charring begins.

Don’t look for “char” to be anything other than my own description of the roasting process. Some call it 2nd Crack others call it burning but a good example is a hot dog.

You can cook a hot dog on a grill and the outside begins to sweat and look done (although the dog was done before you actually put it on the grill.) If you cook it a bit longer you start to get a black area and then more and more until it is charred. This burntness can be considered preferable and enjoyed by many, just like the charred coffee bean. That charred flavor will be confused with being a strong coffee when in fact it’s simply burnt and is necessary for the enjoyed consumption.

A lot of Big Ridge Coffee customers like to try different coffees from around the world and I’m going to try and find a way to provide more choices.

I am incorporating a Coming Soon section that will feature different coffees other than our Tanzania Peaberry and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe which are our main coffees.

The choices will be posted mostly 2 weeks out to allow for shipping, handling and roasting time.

You’ll be able to preorder these coffees. For now they are very limited in availability since the supplier only has a limited supply as well.

If you are interested order as soon as you can because once they are gone they will be removed from the website and you will no longer be able to order them.

This month features a Rwanda and a Kenya coffee.