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We are constantly striving to optimize every single origin to bring out the natural flavors so that we can offer you a unique coffee experience. Our flagship coffees are Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Tanzania Peaberry and Nicaragua. Other single origins are available in limited supply. Free local delivery and free shipping on orders over $29. Be sure to select “Free Shipping” on check out.

We strive for consistency using saved roast profiles to help duplicate the intended flavor. We would like to hear from you!

If you are a current customer please take a few moments and leave us a review.

If you ever get a bag of coffee from us that you are not satisfied with, please contact us and we’ll see if you can’t get it right or offer a full refund.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall you can buy directly from us at the St. Albans Farmer’s Market located on Hixson Pike by the entrance to Chester Frost Park.

Selva Negra
American Made Diedrich 1KG Drum Roaster

“Diedrich coffee roasting equipment is an industry leader in innovation and sustainability. Every roaster is engineered and meticulously handcrafted to be precise and user-friendly to help you achieve gentle, consistent roasting.” Diedrich Roasters

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