We offer ground coffee as well as whole bean

All grinders are not created equal!

We can take a load off of your grinder by offering ground coffee. We use a commercial grinder and have no problem with fine or extra fine grinds for your preferred brewing method. Often fine ground coffee for espresso can ruin a non commercial grade grinder. Likewise coarse grinding light roasted coffee can also cause grinders to burn out or stop.

Regardless of your choice we can grind your coffee at no extra charge to you and save your grinder.

Here is a rundown of the type of grind for brewing methods.

Cold Brew = Coarse

French Press = Coarse

Percolator = Coarse

Auto drip = Medium

Pour Over = Medium to Fine

Espresso = Extra Fine

Keurig Cup = Fine to Extra Fine

Experimentation is always helpful in discovering the best grind for your brewing method but this will give you a good starting point.