Tanzania Peaberry City+ Roast

Our Tanzania Peaberry has been one of our most popular coffees and we’re now offering in a 10 Ounce bag.

Usually roasted City to Full City it represents a good light roasted flavor with just the right amount of bitter and not overwhelming like other single origins when roasted to to these levels.

If you’re tired of darker roasted coffees and would like try a lighter roast try out our current roast. It’s available in a 10 Ounce bag. Be sure to use the 15% off coupon offered on the site. (Spring2022 for 15% off through March 31, 2022) Free local delivery and $6 flat fee for shipping.

We also offer custom roasting just for you. Please allow for roasting and degassing which will delay delivery and shipping.

We offer whole bean or ground coffee. Our grinder can handle light roasted beans which are harder than darker roasted beans. We also are able to grind to an extra fine which is also hard on consumer grinders.

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