Sumatra Raja Batak Peaberry


12 Ounces
Full City Medium Roast

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Classic Lintong character, malted sweetness, accented by earthy notes of leather and burdock, raw cacao, tobacco leaf, peat, some citrus peel, wrapped up in a syrupy body.

Farm Notes:
“Raja Batak” comes from the growing region of Lintong in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. Lintong coffees are from Sumatra, the island that is politically and geographically part of Indonesia. Lintong Nihota is the town that has become synonymous with the entire southern part of Lake Toba area. Lake Toba defines the landscape of the area, the largest volcanic crater lake in the world, and the result of the largest volcanic event on earth in the last 25 million years! It is huge, and the coffees from the north and eastern shores are quite different from the Lintong coffees. Lintong coffees are farmed by the Batak peoples that are the indigenous tribe that works the coffee in this area. This coffee is part of a somewhat unlikely joint venture between a Costa Rican farmer and an Indonesian coffee exporter. Together, they see to it that the coffee is carefully selected and separated by quality, then double hand-picked during the milling process. This coffee works at a wide range of roast, with great sweetness and the complex forest and herbal notes of the Lintong terroir.

Cultivar Detail Ateng, Bergendal, TimTim


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Weight 12 oz

Whole Bean, Coarse, Medium, Fine


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