Peru Nuevo Trujillo Marcial Olivera


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“One of our brighter Peru’s, City roasts produce a bright acidic impression, fruit hints of black currant and red apple, opaque date sugar sweetness and hints of tree nut.”

“Marcial Olivera’s farm is located in the small village of Nuevo Trujillo, San Jose de Lourdes. His 4 hectare coffee farm is planted with mostly Caturra, but you see patches of Bourbon, Typica and Castillo varieties mixed in. Marcial floats his coffee cherry before processing in order to remove the “floaters” – under ripe coffee that floats to the top of the water. This is a fully washed coffee, meaning that after most of the fruit is removed from the seed, the remaining sticky layer of mucilage is broken down by fermentation, in this case without water and for around 24 hours. He’s built an indoor drying room to protect the coffee from the outside elements while it is drying.”

Big Ridge Coffee uses recycled and compostable bags made in America. When you’re finished using the bag you can recycle or add to your compost. Instructions are on the bag.

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