Guatemala Antigua Pavón Farm


14.5 Ounces.
City+ Medium roast.
Whole bean. Request grind on check out notes.

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Full Cupping Notes from Supplier

Finca Pavón has a snickerdoodle cookie-like sweetness in the ground coffee, with subtle hints of savory notes in the background. The wet crust is bittersweet at City+ and Full City and breaking through the crust gives off a scent of cooked, caramelized sugar, with dried fruit accent. The coffee from Finca Pavón is always a very nice example of an Antiguan Bourbon cup. The sweetness and bittering flavors are well-balanced, with notes of light brown sugar, hazelnut, salted brown bread, and sweetened almond milk. Apple and pear accents offers subtle contrast when light roasted, which is also where modest acidity is most pronounced. Full City roasts develop rich roast flavors that combine with perceived sweetness to produce profiles of dark chocolate truffles, and flourless torte. A very forgiving, crowd-pleasing coffee with balanced flavors at a wide range of roasts, and brew methods.

City = Light Roast
City+ = Light Medium Roast
Full City = Medium Roast
Full City+= Dark Roast

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