Dark Roasted Coffee Blends


16 Ounces. Choose your Dark Roast level. Choose Whole Bean or Grind Preference.


Our French Roast uses Grade 1 coffees from around the world and are roasted to Full City+. We use a blend of coffee beans that will better handle this darker roast level.

Our coffee is stored in air tight bags with a CO2 valve. If you order whole bean the bag will arrive unopened. If you choose a grind we will often have to open a bag and grind the coffee. It is a resealable coffee bag and will arrive sealed and airtight.

Vienna = Dark brown and some shine on bean.
French = Dark brown to black bean and shiny.
Italian = Black bean and shiny.

Additional information

Roast Level

Vienna Roast, French Roast, Italian Roast


Whole Bean, Coarse Grind, Medium Grind, Fine Grind, Extra Fine Grind


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